Gregory Guzman | Philadelphia

Realtor and Real Estate Investor


Gregory Guzman and Philadelphia Real Estate

With 20 years of experience and a deep passion for real estate, Gregory Guzman, from Philadelphia, has become a master at developing and investing in properties. He is dedicated to working on and maintaining his reputation as a reliable person in this industry. Gregory is also the man behind the Philadelphia real estate acquisitions company G Buys Philly.

Gregory Guzman began working in real estate in 1999 where he got his first experiences in the industry that helped solidify his passion. After five years of working in real estate, not as a realtor, Gregory decided to work towards receiving his real estate license in the state of Pennsylvania. In 2004, Gregory successfully passed the real estate exam and became a PA licensed realtor. Gregory Guzman continues to hold his real estate license in the state to this day; which requires him to complete continuing education courses every two years. You can be assured that Gregory is up to date on the latest regulations that come with being a realtor in Pennsylvania, and specifically Philadelphia. 

Since receiving his license, Gregory Guzman has continued to work and gain expertise in the real estate industry. Eventually, Gregory began investing along with buying and selling properties throughout Philadelphia. Gregory decided to take a big chance and decided to open his own real estate acquisitions, development, and investment company. 


Gregory Guzman’s Business

G Buys Philly is a company that offers cash offers for as-is properties throughout Philadelphia. What sets the business apart from others within the space is Gregory. He has the ability to handle any issue that may arise during the acquisition process. Gregory works hard and can guarantee a successful closing from his problem-solving skills that he has developed in the 20 years since he began working in the industry. Gregory Guzman understands the importance of working with someone who is trustworthy and reliable. He ensures that the seller of any property he acquires receives anything they were promised on the agreed-upon date.  

As a company, G Buys Philly aims to help homeowners who no longer wish to own their homes. The business receives a large number of clients who all come in with various situations that are pushing them to sell their home. Gregory Guzman and his associates understand how difficult and uncomfortable it can be when you are stuck with an unwanted property. It can be challenging to navigate the sales process on your own which Gregory Guzman and G Buys Philly understand very well. 

The company offers a fast, easy, and convenient sales process that doesn’t include any commission costs. The seller receives cash deals and a 100 percent fair offer, guaranteed. The goal of G Buys Philly is to offer help that goes above an beyond during the process. Gregory Guzman ensures that he and the rest of the team at G Buys Philly assist and guide people to make the wisest and best decisions for themselves when selling a property. They ask and answer as many questions a possible before a sale which helps them ensure that each client has a pleasant experience. 


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